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Sometimes, taking care of growing children requires more than two hands. As a Muslim parent of an expanding family, you have so much to consider and do for your kids and teens. Spending hours searching for modest Muslim kidswear - especially for daughters - should not be one of those things. Welcome to Nadir Modest Wear - your go to destination to find the perfect modest kidswear that is made for quality, comfort and style. 


Our Promise To You:

Our mission is to empower our parents to choose quality and comfortable kids clothing that aligns with their faith, value and beliefs. We are a small, muslim family-owned business committed to making modest kidswear more accessible and personalized to our community. 


Long-Lasting and Quality Products:

Our products are uniquely crafted to observe Islamic clothing standards in a way that is kid and family friendly. Your daughters can still have fun and do activities while feeling confident and comfortable in their modest and loose-fitting clothing. We pride ourselves in delivering durable and long-lasting items that will withstand your family’s many outings and adventures. 

Browse through our shop and you will find dresses, skirts, hijabs, sportswear, and swimwear for girls ages 7 to 18. Our hope is that your children may wear clothing that makes them feel proud of their identity and does not limit them in their activities and pursuits. We are committed to making this change for you, your family and the Muslim community. Additionally, our products  are made and produced by Muslims that live in Muslim countries abroad and when you purchase from us you are supporting them and their rights to fair pay.


Shopping Made Easy: 

Here at Nadir Modest Wear, we value the magical and precious moments with family. Let us give you a helping hand and make shopping for modest kidswear easy so you can spend more time making memories with yours. 

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!